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First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Kevin, Carrie and Kaleb. Carrie is doing much better, although still in some pain. She is enjoying Kaleb so very much. I’ll try to remember to share a couple of pictures of Kaleb before I post this.

second, and most important, I want to publicly apologize to all five of my children, including the two oldest ones who are now in heaven and out of their paimage image image image imagein and suffering. I have made mistakes in raising you, many of the mistakes I am sure I don’t even realize, but no mistakes were made intentionally.  You see, as the saying goes, there were no instructions on how to raise you and take care of you, but I did the best that I could with the very little knowledge that I had. And even if there were instructions, they would have had to be different, because each one of you is different. Therefore, I have to love each one of you in a different way. Each of you is a very unique person, with different needs. I never thought about that as I was raising you, but I realize it now that it is too late. Even as adults, I have made mistakes in life with you kids, again, not intentional, but none the less they have been and I’m sure will be continued to be made, unknowingly, for that I am sorry, too. See, even when you’re an adult, there are no instructions on how to care for you. Biblically, we tried to do what we thought we were supposed to be doing.  I’m talking about in everyday life. I regret all do those mistakes.

and another apology I need to publicly make is to my,grandchildren, especially my daughter’s older children. You see, Adult life doesn’t come with instructions either, especially how to deal with losing a child, or, children. There were no instructions, so I look back on those days, no I know I made mistakes, some of them hurtful mistakes that I wasn’t even aware at the time that I was making them, and the serious consequences of those mistakes that continue on in life. I regret those mistakes and am sorry that I made them. I have no idea what came over me except grief that I couldn’t deal with, which made me become bitter and hard to get along with. I am saying that I am sorry to my kids and to my grandchildren, please accept my apology.  I love each one of you.

now some pictures of Kaleb, although I am not sure where they will end up on this page, I can’t seem to get them where I want them anymore.



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