First of all, I want to thank everyone who has been praying for Kevin, Carrie and Kaleb. Carrie is doing much better, although still in some pain. She is enjoying Kaleb so very much. I’ll try to remember to share a couple of pictures of Kaleb before I post this.

second, and most important, I want to publicly apologize to all five of my children, including the two oldest ones who are now in heaven and out of their paimage image image image imagein and suffering. I have made mistakes in raising you, many of the mistakes I am sure I don’t even realize, but no mistakes were made intentionally.  You see, as the saying goes, there were no instructions on how to raise you and take care of you, but I did the best that I could with the very little knowledge that I had. And even if there were instructions, they would have had to be different, because each one of you is different. Therefore, I have to love each one of you in a different way. Each of you is a very unique person, with different needs. I never thought about that as I was raising you, but I realize it now that it is too late. Even as adults, I have made mistakes in life with you kids, again, not intentional, but none the less they have been and I’m sure will be continued to be made, unknowingly, for that I am sorry, too. See, even when you’re an adult, there are no instructions on how to care for you. Biblically, we tried to do what we thought we were supposed to be doing.  I’m talking about in everyday life. I regret all do those mistakes.

and another apology I need to publicly make is to my,grandchildren, especially my daughter’s older children. You see, Adult life doesn’t come with instructions either, especially how to deal with losing a child, or, children. There were no instructions, so I look back on those days, no I know I made mistakes, some of them hurtful mistakes that I wasn’t even aware at the time that I was making them, and the serious consequences of those mistakes that continue on in life. I regret those mistakes and am sorry that I made them. I have no idea what came over me except grief that I couldn’t deal with, which made me become bitter and hard to get along with. I am saying that I am sorry to my kids and to my grandchildren, please accept my apology.  I love each one of you.

now some pictures of Kaleb, although I am not sure where they will end up on this page, I can’t seem to get them where I want them anymore.



May 4, 2015

im hoping I can write a few lines before I fall asleep tonight! And that what I write actually makes sense. I am so sleepy! My youngest granddaughter came over last night around 9:00 to work on a school project that was due today and was worth 700+ points! She couldn’t pull it up on their iPad and they don’t have a computer, so she came over and used my laptop. She finished ig about 2:30 this morning and then fell asleep until about 3:30 when her dad picked her up on his way home from his second job. I bet she was tired at school today! My alarm went off this morning at 7:00 so I could get up and get ready for physical therapy at 9:00. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 9:10, I kissed my appointment.  I called them and they had an opening at 12:15, so it worked out ok.

My physical therapy didn’t go very good today I couldn’t get all the way around on the exercise bike because my knee hurt so bad.  However, on the straightening of the leg, I did about 3 minuses better than I had on Friday. Then the bad news of the bending, I was at about 91 degrees on Friday, but I couldn’t get past 86 today, even when the therapist pushed. Evidently the cleaning of my living room that I worked on Friday, Saturday and Sunday was too much, even though I broke it down into three days instead of just a few hours, and there is more swelling than I had Friday. I have to get those degrees back or she will gave to force them back, OUCH!!!! She said what I did over the weekend was bad, I just did more in three days than I had in over two months. However, she wants me to take it easy for a while again, so I told her I was going to. My knee has hurt pretty good all day and most of the evening, and I have the nerves in my leg making my leg and body shake a lot. I really haven’t done anything since I got home from therapy except sit in the recliner and I put ice on my knee several times. I could tell a few minutes ago that I still can barely bend it back. Hopefully some of the pain will be gone tomorrow so that I can work on my exercises.

along with the pain of my knee today, I have cuts in my mouth which is making it hard for me to eat anything or even swallow. For a couple of days when they changed my medications around, one of them was making me work my mouth 24/7, so now I have sores on the inside of my cheeks, and on the top, bottom, sides and end of my tongue where I have constantly rubber my tongue over and between my teeth and where I was biting myself. That had stopped now, but now I have to deal with the sores and pain. It’s hard to brush my teeth because of the pain, too. I rinsed my mouth out a few times with warm salt water to see if that will help make it heal.

i will say, though, that my living room looks better than it has for quite a while.

carrie is doing much better now.  They have taken the tubes out of the open incisions, and all of the 170 staples have been removed. Not yesterday, but a week ago yesterday she and Kevin and Kaleb went to church with me. I got to hold him through the services, is is two months old, slept in my arms the whole time and never made any kind of a sound, no one knew he was there unless they saw him!

unless something unforeseen comes up, I plan to go,to the Faculty/Staff recognition breakfast next week at Webster University, where I retired from.

it’s a little after 11:00 right now, so I’m going to stop and go to bed.  I probably won’t be there long, because I have not been able to sleep much at all lately.

please excuse any typos, I am just too tired and sleepy to do any proofing on my writing tonight.


April 14, 2015

its been quite a while since I’ve written. Carrie is home from the hospital, they had to remove part of her lung to get the infection out and stopped. She has 170 staples down her back. She has to be taken to the hospital everyday to get antibiotics put into the port that she still gas in her.  She has a nurse who comes out a couple of times a week to clean and repack the two open incisions. She is still very weak. Kevin and Carrie arimagee still going through some financial hardships right now and the Gofundme account is still up if anyone would like to donate to their cause.  I believe the link is on my website, but here it is anyway:  http://www.gofundme.com.plp2p0

I have started my out patient physical therapy, and I’m coming along fine. While I have not been able to get out and drive, I crocheted Kaleb a baby blanket. I’ve been doing some coloring to keep myself occupied.

i have to find a repair shop for my lawnmower, I couldn’t use it last year and had to borrow one from my son, but it needs some work this year, too. I’m going to try to make some calls tomorrow.

my little grandpuppy is sleeping in my lap so I can’t do much of anything right now.

im going to try to upload a picture of the blanket I made for my newest grandson.


April 5, 2015

Good Morning, it’s Easter Sunday, bright and early and I cannot sleep.  I went to bed and slept for about an hour and then my knee wouldn’t let me get comfortable any longer so I came into the living room, but I have to sit in the dark because two of my grandchildren are asleep in the other recliner and on the couch and if I turn on a light it may wake them up.  I tried to get them to sleep in my bedroom so that I wouldn’t bother them, but they didn’t want to.

Carrie is still doing ok, but in a lot of pain.  She is still having to go to the hospital everyday for antibiotics to be put into the port that she has and a nurse comes out two or three times a week to repack the open incisions that could not be closed after they had to reopen her C-section.  We appreciate all your prayers and concerns and financial help through the go fund me campaign.  http://www.gofundme.com/plp2p0.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter with their families and loved ones.

Please check out the go fund me link under my blog rolls.

March 29, 2015

first of all, I want to know where all the time goes?  My youngest granddaughter turned 14 today, Kaylee Cox.  It seems like it was only yesterday that I had my gallbladder surgery and was recovered enough to be at the hospital when Kaylee was born! She is growing up so fast!

Now, for today’s news on Carrie, they have removed all three of the tubes from her spleen and lung, she is in the step down unit room and since they see no infection and she has no fever, Kaleb is spending the afternoon visiting with his momma!  I will have him here with me some this week, too.

March 28, 2015

for those of you following the story of Kevin and Carrie and my new grandson, Carrie went through a four hour surgery on Thursday to have part of her lung removed because of the infection.  The incision started at her shoulder and went down her back.  She gas 170 staples closing it. She has tubes draining the infection from her lung.  She did survive the touch and go surgery.  We pray that she will not get any more infection, if she does, all they can do is pump her full of antibiotics.  Right now, she is in a lot of pain, but she is hanging in there, and wanting to see her baby.

please share the go funds link and story with your famiky and friends.  We are trying to raise money to help with their expenses, as Kevin has missed a lot of work with no pay.  The link is:  http://www.gofundme.com/plp2l0.

I’ll keep you posted.

Go Fund Me

this is the situation and status of my newest grandson’s mother as posted on gofundme.com

Please Help Kevin and Carrie

Created March 22, 2015
Peggy Wommack Cox
My name is Peggy Cox and I am raising money to help with finances for Kevin Cox and Carrie Ryan. My grandson, Kaleb, was born via c-section on Friday, February 27 at St John’s Mercy Medical Center. Mother and baby were doing fine and went home on Monday, March 2nd. A few days later Carrie had to be taken back to the hospital due to severe pain. She had a protruding hernia from being sewn incorrectly after the c-section and they had to re-open the incision and it had to be left open due to the infection. A nurse was supposed to come to the house three times a week to clean it and re-pack it. Carrie had a tube going into the incision constantly pumping out infection. She had to carry around a little machine that was hooked to the tube. She also has MS, which is not helping the situation.

Within three or four days after coming home the second time Kevin got a call while at work, that he needed to come home and get the baby because she couldn’t breathe and was being taken by ambulance to St. Anthony’s Medical Center. Her infection had spread. After being admitted into intensive care they did surgery to put a tube into her lung and spleen to drain the infection out with a pump. For the last four days they have been battling with the infection trying to get it under control.

Today they will find out if she will lose part of her lung and spleen, which is very likely. If any more infection shows up, all they can do is pump her full of more antibiotics and hope for the best.

While fighting for her life, Carrie wants to see her newborn baby, but, being in intensive care, she is not allowed to.

This is causing a lot of stress for both of them, as Kevin has worked two jobs for the last year to make ends meet and taking off a lot of work is causing a financial strain and more stress, along with the stress of not knowing if she will make it and the possibility of having to raise their son by himself.

Kevin has had to miss so much work and make so many trips to the hospital and take Kaleb to his other grandmother’s house, that it is causing a financial hardship for him and Carrie. His partial paycheck does not cover their bills, much less provide enough money for gas for the car. We don’t know when things are going to get back to normal again. If Carrie has the surgeries, Kevin will be missing even more work in the next few days.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated by all.
COPY, PASTE & SHARE: http://www.gofundme.com/plp2l0


March 21, 2015

I am recuperating nicely from my left knee replacement.  Everyone is please with the progress, but I just wish I could bend it more, I can only bend it to about 60-68 degrees by myself, but with the physical therapist help, up to about 80, so I’m trying to exercise it even when I am sitting in the recliner by bending it.

I think I posted a picture of my new grandson, Kaleb.  I would like to ask for prayers for his mother, Carrie, she is in intensive care in very critical condition, due to complications of  childbirth.  Her body has infection throughout it and she has drain tubes from her lungs and spleen, draining the infection.  She has had three major surgeries (the first being the C-section) since the birth of Kaleb.  Today’s x-rays show things are worse than yesterday.


Thank you in advance for your prayers for both her and my son, Kevin.

March 2, 2015

By the time some of you get this and read it, I will be in surgery for my knee replacement, and for some of you, I will be in recovery or in my room starting my recuperation.  I’ve been up sitting in the recliner most of the night because my knee hurt so bad that I couldn’t get comfortable. I’m doing a little laundry while I’ve been up. My daughter is sleeping on the couch, so I’m trying not to wake her, although if she does wake up, I plan to send her and my grandpuppy to my room to sleep in my bed.  I still have  a few things to pack.

we had about 4 or 5 inches of snow Saturday night, but we didn’t get the ice yesterday.  I’m afraid the roads may be a little slick this morning, though.

image image image


I spent Friday morning at the hospital, where my new grandson, Kaleb Anthony Cox, Kevin’s baby, was born. He weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 18 inches long.


February 9, 2015

just a short post to update you.  I had the bone scan done and everything looks fine. My knee surgery is scheduled for March 2, they had a cancellation so I was able to get in before April, which is how far out they were scheduling.  That’s three weeks from yesterday, I’ve got several things to do before then and get my house organized for my recovery.